Are Over-the-Counter Fat Reduction Treatments Available?

Learn about the different over-the-counter fat reduction treatments available, such as Alli, PhenQ, Phentermine, and PrimeShred. Find out if they are effective and what side effects they may have.

Are Over-the-Counter Fat Reduction Treatments Available?

Alli is the only over-the-counter weight-loss aid approved by the FDA.


is an oral medication that can suppress appetite and reduce food cravings. It can also burn excess body fat and prevent the production of new fat cells. Alli (pronounced Al-eye) is an over-the-counter medication intended for overweight adults struggling to lose excess weight.

With its easy access and weight loss promises, is Alli your answer to shedding those extra pounds? Phentermine (Adipex) is a prescription weight-loss medication. Like Contrave and Belviq, phentermine diet pills work to suppress appetite and hunger. However, phentermine has unwanted side effects and is only available with a prescription. Many over-the-counter weight-loss products are available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and online. Unfortunately, many of them have never been proven to be effective.

And those that are effective are often accompanied by warnings.


is an “intense fat burner” aimed at men trying to eliminate the most persistent layers of fat and achieve lean muscle mass. If treatment is successful, you are more likely to maintain your lost weight or lose more weight if you continue with your diet, exercise, and drug treatment plan.

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